Create OS native installer with ADT for AIR applications

In order to create a native installer for your AIR application with ADT you need to go from command line to your bin-debug folder and follow these steps:
1. Create a certificate:
adt -certificate -cn CertificateName 1024-RSA certificate.p12 yourPass
2.Create the air archive:
adt -package -storetype pkcs12 -keystore certificate.p12 Application.air Application-app.xml Application.swf <You can also add here other files wich you can find in your application directory >
You will pe prompted for your certificate password that you set at step 1.
3.Create native installer:
adt -package -target native Application.exe Application.air

Now you can distribute Application.exe to your customers.

Note. If you want to create a native for a specific operating system you must run the command from above on your preferred OS. I created this exemple on a Windows OS.