Blogging from my BlackBerry 8520 Curve

This post is wrote from my BlackBerry phone, so it’s purpose is to test the phone keyboard and the WordPress application for BlackBerry. I use my BlackBerry phone without a data plan for now, but I don’t think I need one, because it works just fine connected to my wifi network. It’s true I can’t use the mail application and the IM application, but I solved this problem by installing 3rd party applications. First of all, the keyboard is very cool, I wrote the text from above very quick and I didn’t made spelling mistakes. This article will be continued after I will discover other new things. So that’s all for now. I noticed that the WordPress application fail to retrieve my categories, so for now this article will be uncategorized.

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  1. Toto says:

    You have Curve(B******) and now you brag.

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