February 2010

Blogging from my BlackBerry 8520 Curve

This post is wrote from my BlackBerry phone, so it’s purpose is to test the phone keyboard and the WordPress application for BlackBerry. I use my BlackBerry phone without a data plan for now, but I don’t think I need one, because it works just fine connected to my wifi network. It’s true I can’t use the mail application and the IM application, but I solved this problem by installing 3rd party applications. First of all, the keyboard is very cool, I wrote the text from above very quick and I didn’t made spelling mistakes. This article will be continued after I will discover other new things. So that’s all for now. I noticed that the WordPress application fail to retrieve my categories, so for now this article will be uncategorized.

Using shell scripting to start multiple background processes

I made yesterday some tests on a Java server running on a linux machine. So I had to run the Java server and a policy server in background, then I had to stop them to change some things and then I then I started them again several times ( I will explain in my next article why  I needed a policy server ) .  Of course, after I repeated this operation many times, I got bored and I decided to simplify my work by creating a shell script  and after some googling I found a way to run multiple background processes from a shell script.

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Integrate Yahoo! maps in your Flex applications

If you want to integrate a map in your Flex application all you need to do is to go to Yahoo! Developer Network and download YahooMap-0.9.4.swc add it to your lib folder and copy/paste the code  from below. You will find at Yahoo! Developer Network more, very helpful examples. Of course don’t forget to request your developer key, you will need the key to acces Yahoo! maps API.

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Hello to everyone!

First of all, happy birthday to me. In a couple of days will be my birthday so i decided to give myself a little present – this web page. Here I will share with you the problems that I encountered in my projects and of course their solution.